History Of Faculty of Engineering

The University of Maiduguri right from its inception recognized the need for locally trained engineering manpower for the development of its catchment area in particular, and the country in general. With this in mind, the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Maiduguri was established on 1st October 1983 with three Departments, namely Civil and Water Resources Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. However, the enrollment of students into the new Faculty commenced a year later, that is, in 1984/85 session. The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering, (formerly known as Agricultural Technology and Agricultural Engineering), which had been operational in the Faculty of Agriculture since 1977, was transferred to the Faculty of Engineering on 1st October 1989, while the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering came into existence in 1999/2000 and 2003/2004 sessions respectively. The Department of Food Science and Technology was transferred from the Faculty of Agriculture to the Faculty of Engineering with effect from 2006/2007 session making the total number of Departments in the Faculty seven.

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