Unimaid Commissions Centre for Countering Violent Extremism

Prof. Mohammed Mala Daura
The Director, Centre for Disaster Risk Management and Development Studies

The establishment of the Centre for Countering Violent Extremism in the University of Maiduguri by the North East Regional Initiative (NERI) has been described as one of the best collaborative partnership that has ever happened in the life of the institution.

This was disclosed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi during the commissioning of the Centre on Thursday 28th June 2018 at the premises of the Centre.

Represented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Central Administration, Prof Abdullahi Haruna Godowoli, the Vice-Chancellor stated that the Centre will carry-out research and develop counter-narratives against extremist ideologies through sensitization programmes, training and re-training of citizens in the Lake Chad Basin Region, TChad and the organization of workshops in these areas.

The Centre which is the first of its kind in the region the Vice-Chancellor noted will greatly assist in reducing violent extremism within the region and challenged the Centre through NERI to propose Linkage and Partnership with the Nigeria Armed Forces Resource Centre.

He then commended NERI for not only locating the Centre at the University of Maiduguri but for also assisting and supporting the University's KANEM FM; Centre for Peace, Diplomatic and Development Studies and the Centre for Disaster Risk Management of the University, and pledged continuous support of the institution.

The Director Centre for Disaster Risk Management and Development Studies, of the University of Maiduguri, Prof M.M. Daura earlier in his remarks acknowledged that the Centre is the first of its kind in the country and assured that it has the capacity to generate information from TChad, Niger and other countries stressing that the University also has the manpower and resource base to execute its mandate.

The primary goal of the Centre he further said, is to lend support and give cooperation towards countering violent extremism stressing that extremism is not only in religion, it is also in politics, economics, social and domestic affairs.

The Programme Manager, North East Regional Initiative (NERI) Borno State Branch Mall Dauda Suleiman in his remarks stated that the Centre was initiated in accordance with the desire of NERI to have a very stable recovery in the post insurgency period built on a foundation of rigorous scholarship and knowledge based and ideas. The Resource Centre he further said is expected to produce credible empirically-derived data accessible to the highest levels of government, the Federal Legislative, the Military and other stakeholders in the North East for the purpose of effective decision making and policy formation.

He then thanked the University for the support and opportunity given them to partner and assured that NERI will link the Resource Centre with International and National donors and experts in order to assist in running the programme of the Centre. He stressed that the Centre will be linked with Universities in Nj'damena, Diffa, Maruwa and also three International Universities across Europe and America with a view to harmonize and promote scholarly achievements.