Welcome to Counselling and Human Development Centre

Counselling and Human Development Centre

The Centre was established in 2006 in order to provide services that will ensure that every student actualizes his/her dream as he/she goes through life within a given environment. The provision of career guidance and counselling services is an important factor in the University education particularly in the production of quality and competitive graduates.

To serve as one-stop provider of competence for Nigerian university graduates in all disciplines to acquire skills of creativity, innovation and awareness of relevant opportunities that would link undergraduate and postgraduate students to the world of work.

To provide quality, integrated, seamless, accessible knowledge and skills that would holistically work counsel and assist undergraduate and graduate students to develop effective and functional professional development skills with the focus on moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and psychological guidance that are necessary in fostering creativity, scholarship and innovation in their various areas of endeavours.

Physical Development
Currently, the Centre is operating at a temporary site (CBN Building) of the University. However, there is a plan to construct a permanent site for the Centre in accordance with the guidelines given by the NUC. The Centre will also provide functional equipments and facilities including psychological testing instruments, TV-sets, Videos/DVDs, cassette recorders, computers and other materials so as to facilitate guidance and counselling of students.