Welcome to Unimaid Fire Service

Unimaid Fire Service

The primary objective of establishing the Unit in the University is to provide fire fighting and rescue services to protect human lives and property of the members of the University community and the immediate environs. The service is regarded as one of the essential services operating in the University. The service was established in the year 1979 with staff strength of five (5) fire men running skeletal services. The number of men later increased from five (5) to thirteen (13) men in 1983 and from thirteen (13) to twenty one (21) in 1988. In the years 1990, 2007 and 2015, the number of men rose to 37 men/women as a result of expansion.

To always sensitize members of the University community on the dangers of fire and other natural calamities and also assist in manpower development for other fire establishment within the North East geo-political zone.

The mission of the Unimaid Fire Service is to make the University campus disaster-free.

Establishment of Fire Service Training School
The Unimaid Fire Service Training School was established in the year 2007 and began the basic firefighting/fire prevention course from 2007 to 2015. The Training School has successfully trained twenty (20) Firemen and women in Basic Fire Fighting/Prevention for a period of (6 months). Plans are under way to introduce Advance Fire Training and also work in collaboration with the Centre for Disaster and Risk Management for training of risk managers.

Fire Prevention Section
In the quest to reduce fire outbreak to the minimum, the Fire Prevention Section has recommended the purchase of portable fire equipment for academic departments for accreditation exercise and also issued fire safety tips to members of the university community on the Do’s and Don’ts about fire and this has helped in reducing incessant fire outbreak on the campus. In its effort to safeguard the university infrastructure, the Management of University has procured First Aid firefighting equipment for installation in staff houses. In addition dry chemical fire extinguishers on trolleys have also being provided in all the generator houses in the University.

Humanitarian Services
The Unit over the years has distributed more than 10 million litres of water to both residential houses and the hostels to alleviate the suffering being faced during acute water shortage on campus.

Physical Development
In order to make the working environment conducive to officers and men, a modern fire complex has been constructed through the appropriation of TetFund, and commissioned. Furthermore, other areas that has receive the a boost include: Purchasing of Fire Fighting equipment; Allocation of a new Hilux Vehicle; Purchase of Uniforms and Accoutrements; Purchase of First Aid Fire equipment for staff houses and generators and Funding of Conferences/Workshops/Seminars among others.