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The University of Maiduguri initiated the Campus Radio Project in 2007 under the leadership of the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor J.D. Amin. In 2008, the University applied for a Broadcast Licence from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), in line with the terms and conditions set out in the NBC Act. Following the exit of Professor J.D. Amin, his successor, Professor Mala M. Daura appointed the former Head of Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Danjuma Gambo, as Coordinator, Campus Radio (Special) project, to complete it.

Aim and Objectives
The aim of the University is to establish, operate and sustain a viable non-profit broadcasting to achieve the following objectives:

  • to serve as a training tool for students of Mass Communication, Theatre and Performing Arts, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Languages and Linguistics, Education and other disciplines in the university,
  • to serve as a platform for members of the university community to freely express themselves on matters of local, national international interest,
  • to showcase the numerous academic contributions of scholars towards community and national development and
  • to enhance goodwill between the university community and its host community.

Physical Structure and License
In preparation for a smooth take-off of the station, the University constructed and furnished a modest studio complex with the support of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND). Although the application for a licence was submitted in 2007, it was not released until July, 2015, following intervention of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi. The delay in releasing the licence significantly retarded progress on the project until the present Vice-Chancellor directed that the station must be on air immediately. Consequently, the entire project was re-assessed by the Works, Physical Planning and Development Department with key recommendations, including rehabilitation of the structure, purchase and installation of equipment recruitment of essential staff.

The Vice-Chancellor has appointed a Director, (Professor Danjuma Gambo); Station Manager (Abdullahi Musa); Head of Programmes (Ibrahim Bulama Dachiya); Head of Engineering (Engr. Manven Dochi) and an Administrative Secretary (Falmata Galtimari). In addition, highly qualified and experienced workers have been recruited to set up the two studios towards the commencement of test transmission. Gradually, the full complement of required personnel would be mobilized to manage the station. It is, therefore, essential to train and properly orient the new workers to enable them cope with the challenges of a new environment.

Unimaid Radio has already commenced skeletal transmission on 97.7 Frequency Modulated (FM) Band, covering the university campus and its environs. While the University Administration assures of a more robust investment in infrastructure, equipment, personnel and content, arrangements have already reached advanced stages for production of appropriate content for the target audience. Meanwhile, the station broadcasts mostly entertainment programmes. Unimaid Radio’s trade-off is Kanem FM, while its slogan is The Station for All to reflect the Federal Character and diversity of the University. In tandem with its new name, a broad-based programme schedule is receiving the attention of the core technical group. It includes interesting programmes on critical issues related to health, education, youth development, reconciliation, rehabilitation, sports and entertainment. A campus wide survey will precede full implementation of the schedule. The University Management has reached out to key national and international development partners to collaborate on infrastructural expansion, content generation staff training and campus radio station management. There is a huge show of support for the new station by local media organizations and beyond. Overall, staff and students of the university are expected to be involved in the operations of the station.