Welcome to Environmental Health Office (Sanitation Board)

Environmental Health Office (Sanitation Board)

The Environmental Health Office was established back in 1992 as a Sanitation Unit to oversee the activities of all environmental health programmes of the University. However, the philosophy underlining the establishment of Environmental Health Office in the University of Maiduguri is charged with the responsibility of minimizing and curtailing the spread of communicable and non-communicable diseases within the entire University community arising from exposure to environmental health hazards.

To ensure the entire University community live in a clean, healthy, vibrant and conducive learning environment for an excellent performance in the academic pursuits.

Programmes in the Department
The Environmental Health Unit has only one unit, saddled with various responsibility and programmes. These include the following:

  1. Sanitary inspection of food vendors and other related handlers
  2. Control of insects vectors and other reptiles within the University campus
  3. Control of stray animals and reservoirs of infections within the campus
  4. House to house inspection
  5. Evacuation of refuse of both solid and liquid waste on campus
  6. Health education for the University community through routine sanitary inspection
  7. Meat inspection
  8. Sanitary inspection of the premises and other departments/unit
  9. Elimination of other health hazards within the University
  10. Disposal of animal carcasses and human corpses within the campus

Staff Strength and Development
Currently, the staff strength with ranks are as follows: Coordinator (1), Secretary (1), Chief Health Superintendents (1), Admin Officer (1), Data Processing Officer (1), driver (1), Health Environmental Officers (qualified) (12) and cleaners (17).

Staff Distribution
The Environmental Health Officers have been divided into four groups comprising of three members each to supervise and monitor the sanitary outfits under the outsource companies. These Companies are: Musfat Hygiene Company - Staff Quarters; Tistel Hygiene Company- Old Academic Area core; Marion Hygiene Company- New Academic Area core and Confer Cleaning Company- Student Hostels.

The University cleaners are responsible for the cleaning of the lecture halls and environs.