Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering

About Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering, then called Department of Agricultural Technology, was established in 1977 under the Faculty of Agriculture. Initially, the department offered three-year post A-level Bachelor Degree programme. The Department of Agricultural Technology was renamed as the Department of Agricultural Engineering by University Senate at its 48th meeting held on 7th September 1983. The programme was also changed from a three-year to a four-year Agricultural Engineering Degree programme with effect from 1983/1984 session. The origin of the Faculty of Engineering is intimately connected with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering as the staff of this department actively participated in the planning and establishment of the Faculty of Engineering and later on a number of them served as the founding staff of the newly established Faculty. However, the department was transferred to the Faculty of Engineering only on 1st October 1989. The transfer came at a very critical time when a number of senior academic staff from Czechoslovakia left the services of the Faculty and there was a leadership vacuum in the Faculty. Once again, the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering played the motherly role in stabilizing the situation in the Faculty. The department switched over from a four-year to a five-year post O-level degree programme with effect from 1997/1998 session. The department once again changed its name and degree nomenclature from Agricultural Engineering to Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering with effect from 2005/2006 academic session. This approval was given by Senate at its 212th meeting held on 19th January 2006. Apart from undergraduate degree programme, the department also has postgraduate degree programmes at both Masters and Ph.D. levels.

The department has full accreditation from both the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

Skilled Engineering manpower is a principal factor for economic development and prosperity of a nation. The general philosophy of programmes in the department therefore is to produce graduates with high academic standard and practical background who will be able to meet the immediate requirements for development of the catchments area of the University of Maiduguri in particular and the nation in general. In pursuance of the above, the programmes have been designed with the following features:

  • A number of common courses with other departments in the Faculty at the initial stages of the programme to provide broad-based engineering training,
  • Special skills and in-depth study in a particular area of the programme through electives, workshop practice laboratory practicals, tutorials and individual design based projects,
  • Adequate knowledge in the areas of general studies, management and humanities
  • Interaction between students and professionals during Industrial Training.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  1. To produce graduates locally by providing training facilities and operating programmes which are professional in rigour, highly practical in training and relevant to the society.
  2. To produce graduates who are sufficiently broad-based to understand and tackle common day-to-day engineering problems and at the same time adequately trained to acquire special skills and in-depth knowledge in Agricultural & Environmental Resources Engineering,
  3. To produce graduates with high academic standard coupled with adequate practical experience and who are to rise to the challenges of a developing economy,
  4. To produce graduates with sufficient knowledge in general studies, management and humanities.


Staff Staff Details Interest/Specialization
Dr. Abdu Dauda (Senior Lecturer)
Head of Department
M.Sc (Cranfield), PhD (Maiduguri)
Prof. John Olutunde Ohu
B.Sc. (Ife); M.Sc. (Canfield); Ph.D (Mcgill) FNIAE; FNNSE MISTRO; MASAE; C.ENG; COREN Regd.
Soil & Water Engineering; 36 Years experience.
Prof Idriss Audu
B.Sc. (Maiduguri); M.Sc. (Ibadan);Ph.D. (Cranfield), MNIAE, MNSE,COREN Regd.
Soil and water Engineering; 29 years experience
Prof. E. Mamman
B.Sc. (Maiduguri), M.Sc (Maid) Ph.D (Ilorin);MNIAE, MNSE, MISTRO; COREN Regd.
Farm power and Machinery, 24 years experience.
Prof. A. U. Dzivama (Reader)
B.Sc. (Maiduguri); M.Sc. Ph.D (Ibadan), FNIAE, MNSE.
Processing and Storage, 32 years experience
Prof. Babagana Umara
B. Eng. (Maiduguri); M.Sc. (Ibadan); Ph. D (Maiduguri), MNIAE, MNSE, COREN Regd.
Soil and water engineering, 16 years experience
Prof. Aviara N.A. (Reader)
B. Eng. (FUTO) 1988, M.Sc (Ibadan) 1994, Ph.D (Ibadan) 2010; COREN Regd.
Crop processing and storage, 15 years experience
Dr. B. Mohammed (Reader)
B.Sc (Maid) 1988, M.Sc. (Ibadan) 1991, Ph.D (2010) MNIAE.
Farm Structures and Environment, 27 years experience
Dr. Kawuyo U.A. (Senior Lecturer)
B. Eng. (Maid), 1992, M.Sc. (Maid.) 2002; Ph.D 2011.
Farm power and machinery 22 years experience
Dr. Dibal J.M (Senior Lecturer)
B. Eng. (Maid.) 1997, M. Sc (ABU Zaria) 2006, Ph.D.
Soil and Water Engineering, 16 years experience
Dr. A. Y Arku (Senior Lecturer)
B. Eng. (Maid) 1987, M.Sc. (Ibadan) 1991, MNIAE.
Farm Structures and Environment, 28 years experience
Habib Alkali (Lecturer I)
B. Eng. (Maid.) 1997, M.Sc. (ABU Zaria) 2006.
Soil and water engineering ;14 years experience
Bashir, A.U. (Lecturer I)
B.Eng., 1998, M.Sc. 2009.
4 years experience
Lawal, A. Abubakar (Lecturer I)
B.Eng. 2005, M.Eng. 2013.
5 years experience