Department of Agricultural Economics Agricultural Economics

About Agricultural Economics

The Department of Agricultural Economics was established to produce manpower knowledgeable in agricultural economics for the purpose of promoting sound agricultural policies, efficient administration and management of agricultural projects, enterprises and formulation of programmes.

To be a first class Department comparable to any other and to engage in generating new intellectual knowledge, practices and imparting same to students, using high teaching and research facilities as well as multi-disciplinary approaches.

To develop work force in the use of economic analysis for making decisions involving agriculture, agro-business, natural resources and communities

Accreditation Status
Full accreditation status has been granted by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Physical Development
The Department from inception was housed in the Dilara Building (former Faculty of Agriculture) and subsequently in the Faculty of Agriculture Complex (popularly known as Agro-Vet Complex). In the mean time, due to inadequate office accommodation in the main faculty building, some of the staff of the Department are temporarily housed in the CAZS building.

The Department of Agricultural Economics has considerable number of staff to discharge its mandate. The categories of staff include Professors, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers I, Assistant Lecturers and Graduate Assistants. Others are administrative officers, secretary, clerical officer and cleaners.

In the area of staff development, a number of staff have enjoyed fellowship that lead to award of Degrees (M. Sc. and Ph. D) in various disciplines of Agricultural Economics. Currently there are five members of staff on study fellowship.

Staff Distribution
The distribution of staff in the Department includes three Professors, five Senior Lecturers, six Lecturers I, one Assistant Lecturer and four Graduate Assistants. Others are two administrative staff, a secretary, a clerical assistant and a cleaner.

The Department started as Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension in 1978. The first batch of 16 students graduated in Agricultural Economics and Extension. Since then, the number of students progressively increased until when the Economics and Extension components of the Department split in 2010. From the inception of the Department of Agricultural Economics in 2010, no fewer than 290 students graduated with honours in Agricultural Economics. Currently, 48 students would be graduating at the end of 2015/2016 session.