Department of Agricultural and Extension Services Fisheries

About Agricultural and Extension Services

The Department of Agricultural Extension Services was created out of the defunct Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services. The splitting of the Department was approved by Senate on the 26th of August, 2010.

To produce graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes in the agricultural development process and those who possess the competence to effectively transmit such skills to farmers and other end users of innovations.

To be a first class Department with the capability to engage in generating new intellectual knowledge, practices and imparting it to the students using high teaching and research facilities as well as multi-disciplinary and participatory approaches.

To produce agricultural extension professionals who are knowledgeable in agricultural extension principles and applications for the purpose of promoting sound agricultural policies, efficient agricultural administration, management of agricultural projects/enterprises and effective formulation of agricultural extension policies. This will be achieved through theoretical and practical training to equip the trainees with adequate knowledge and professional skills to handle problems in the areas of agricultural extension delivery. The objective of the Department is to be a centre of excellence in agricultural knowledge generation and dissemination. Rendering of services in the areas of rural and community development would constitute a key focus for the Department to meet up to the challenges of food security, environmental degradation, climate change and poverty which are the major issues of concern in the immediate vicinity of the University and indeed the country.

Accreditation Status
The Department of Agricultural Extension Services was created out of the former Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services which was established in October 1977 as one of the five departments in the Faculty of Agriculture. The Senate of the University of Maiduguri at its 253rd Meeting held on Thursday, the 26th of August, 2010 approved the split of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services into two separate departments: Department of Agricultural Economics and Department of Agricultural Extension Services. Followed by an elected Head of Department, Dr. Mwada M. Gwary, who had completed his tenure successfully. The current Head of Department, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul Abu, was subsequently elected to serve as substantive Head of Department for the next two years. In this regard, the Department is yet to be accreditation since the splitting.

Physical Development
In addition to well-furnished offices and classrooms, the Department also has access to a studio and library facilities including Ramat Library, Faculty of Agriculture and Centre for Arid Zone Studies, (CAZS) as well as the University ICT Centre.

Staff strength (academic and non-academic) has been increasing since 2011. All the cadres of staff (academic and non-academic) are available in the Department. Some members of staff are on study leave for various programmes including M.Scs. and Ph.Ds.