Department of Animal Science Animal Science

About Animal Science

Historical Background
The Department was established in 1978 with a total enrolment of 12 students. Therefore, the first set of graduates was in 1981. It first started as a Department of Animal and Food Science until 1983 when the Department of Food Science and Technology was carved out.

The philosophy of the Animal Science Department is anchored on production of well-trained manpower in the area of Animal Production, Management, Nutrition, Physiology, Breeding and Genetics so as to fuel the livestock industry in Nigeria and beyond.

To be a citadel of knowledge with scholarship to not only compete but excel among its contemporaries in future.

Accreditation Status
The Department has full accreditation.

Programmes include:

  • B.Sc Agriculture (Hons) (Animal Science)
  • M.Sc. Animal Science and
  • Ph.D. Animal Science and

Physical Development
Department is temporary domicile in the Centre for Arid Zone Studies (CAZS) Complex. Units in the Department include: Livestock/Poultry Teaching and Research Farms as well as Postgraduate Poultry Research Unit.

The Department is well staffed (academic and non-academic) with several members on study fellowship.

Students’ enrolment has been on the rise since 1978.