Chemical Engineering

About Chemical Engineering

The syllabus for the Chemical Engineering degree programme was initially approved by the Senate in 1983 along with the syllabi of other Departments in the faculty. However, the Department of Chemical Engineering did not take off with other Departments.
The Department of Chemical Engineering came into existence in 1999/2000 Session after the Senate took a decision to that effect. As a result of this development, the old syllabus of the programme was revised while taking into consideration various requisite inputs.

Skilled Engineering Manpower is a principal factor for economic development and prosperity of a nation. The general philosophy of programmes in the Department therefore is to produce graduates with high academic standard and practical background who will be able to meet the immediate requirements for the development of the catchment area of the University of Maiduguri in particular and the nation in general. In pursuance of the above, the programmes have been designed with the following features:

  • A number of common courses with other Department in the faculty at the initial stages of the programme to provide broad based engineering training.
  • Special skill and in-depth study in a particular area of the programme through electives, workshop practice, laboratory practical, tutorials and individual designed based projects
  • Adequate knowledge in the area of general studies, management and humanities.
  • Interaction between student and professionals during industrial training.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  1. To produce graduates locally by providing training facilities and operating programmes which are professional in rigour, highly practical in training relevant to the society.
  2. To produce graduates who are sufficiently broad based to understand and tackle common day-to-day engineering problems and at the same time adequately trained to acquire special skills and in-depth knowledge in chemical engineering.
  3. To produce graduates with high academic standard coupled with adequate practical experience and who are to rise to the challenges of a developing economy.
  4. To produce graduates with sufficient knowledge in general studies, management and humanities.

Staff Staff Details Interest/Specialization
Dr. Gutti Babagana (Reader)
B. Eng. (Zaria) 2000, M. Sc. (Lagos) 2002, Ph. D (Lagos), (MNSE), COREN R. 27457
Dr. Murtala M. Ahmed (Senior Lecturer)
Head of Department
B.Eng. (Zaria), M. Sc. (Aberdeen) Ph.D (Malaysia) MNSE, COREN R. 18927
Dr. Bitrus K. Highina (Senior Lecturer)
B.Eng. M.Sc. (Zaria), Ph.D (maid) COREN R.16612
Dr. Muhammad N. Idriss (Senior Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Zaria), M.Tech. (Port Harcourt), Ph.D (Leed) MNSE COREN R.27240
Dr. Abdul Zubairu (Senior Lecturer)
B. Eng. (Zaria), M.Sc. (Lagos), Ph.D (London)
Olagoke A. J. Oladokun (Lecturer I)
B. Tech (Ogbomosho), M.Sc. (Lagos)
Aliyu A. Bello (Lecturer I)
B.Eng. (Zaria), M.Sc. (Lagos) MNSE
Dr. Alhaji S. Grema (Senior Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Unimaid), M.Sc.(Lagos), Ph.D (Cranfield) MNSE, COREN R.22325
Usman H. Taura (Lecture I)
B.Eng (maid),M.Sc. (Cranfield)
Bintu G. Mustafa (Lecture I)
B.Eng, (Unimaid), M.Sc (Leeds) MNSE, COREN R.25420
Ali Lawan Yaumi (Lecturer II)
B.Eng. (Unimaid), M.Sc (Saudi Arabia) MNSE,COREN R.30085
Silas Kiman (Lecturer II)
B.Eng. (Unimaid). M.Sc (Unimaid)
Dauda Ibrahim (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Unimaid). M.Sc (Manchester)
Umar Abdullah i Isa (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Unimaid), M.Sc (Malasiya)
Habiba Danjuma Mohammed (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Unimaid), M.Sc (Port Harcourt)
Dauda Baba (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (Unimaid), M.Sc (Unimaid)
Mohammed Habu Iyodo (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (ATBU Bauchi), M.Sc (Unimaid)
Ibrahim Maina Idriss (Assist. Lecturer)
B.Eng. (ATBU Bauchi), M.Sc (Unimaid)
kaka Goni Atiku (Graduate Assistant)
B.Eng. (ATBU Bauchi), M.Sc (Unimaid)
Mustapha Alh Hussaini (Graduate Assistant)
B.Eng. (ATBU Bauchi)