Department of Crop Protection Crop Protection

About Crop Protection

The philosophy that guides the training of students in the Department of Crop Protection is the production of skilled manpower that is adequately furnished with the comprehensive knowledge required for engaging in economic agricultural production in an environment characterized by rural setting and adequate land endowment with special emphasis on the adoption of effective techniques of instruction and exposure to the actual practices required for pest management systems in a conducive environment. Such professional manpower training programmes are mounted through classroom teaching, laboratory practicals, field demonstration and workshop practice.

The objectives of establishing the Department are to:

  • produce graduates who are well trained in different fields of Crop protection;
  • to undertake research into problems related to pest ecology and management through undergraduate, postgraduate and sponsored research programmes;
  • improve the health status of arable crops through the introduction of modern scientific pest management techniques in the field and storage;
  • project crop protection for improving the living standard of people and
  • improve national economy by reducing dependence on imports of Crop products.

To aim at excellence in Agriculture, Pastoralism, Engineering, Human and Veterinary Medicine and Information Technology as well as in Arid Zone Trans-Saharan and Inter-African Peace and Strategic Studies. The University also aims to promote the development of private and public morality, discipline accountability and probity and also international cooperation through participation, research and dissemination of information.

The University of Maiduguri shall be an institution dedicated to scholarship and learning in the Arts, Science, Humanities and Technology and the development of moral and civic character of all persons who pass through her portals. The University shall facilitate and advance scholarship and learning, especially in the light of her location in the sahelian environment of northeastern Nigeria, and at the crossroads of Africa and Middle–Eastern cultures.

Accreditation Status
The Department is expecting accreditation in 2015/2016 Session

Programmes in the Department include B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Entomology, Pathology and Nematology.

The Department is well staffed (academic and non-academic) with all the cadres being represented. Academic staff include: Professors (05); Reader (01); Senior Lecturers (06); Lecturers I (03); Lecturers II (02); Assistant Lecturer (01) and Graduate Assistant (01).

This has been rising slowly but steadily over the years.