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About Fisheries

The Bachelor of Fisheries in the University is aimed at producing high-level manpower, competent in theory and practice for effective, efficient, and sustainable development of Fisheries and Aquaculture potentials of the country. Students are to be equipped with effective management skills in all aspects of Fisheries including Aquaculture practices, Biotechnology, Fish Processing and Marketing etc. This will enable them to meet the work force needs of the public and private sector Fisheries and Aquaculture establishments in the country. In addition, the programme is designed to engage in meaningful collaborative research nationally and internationally to enhance socio-economic well-being of local fisher folks and fish farmers within and outside the country.

To be a leader in the development of manpower at a higher level in Fisheries and Aquaculture to service both the public and private sectors of the economy to generate employment and create wealth.

The programme structure will be dedicated to training, research, and developmental services using current advances in water resources, fisheries and aquaculture technology.

Accreditation Status
Full Accreditation

The only programme obtainable is Bachelor of Fisheries (B. Fisheries (Hons))

Physical Development
These include: departmental building at Lake Alau (2008 – 2012) and Fish Hatchery Complex (2013).

There has been a steady growth in the staff strength and over the years. The number of staff on study fellowship has also been on increase.

This has been increasing steadily over the years since 2003/2004 to 2014/2015.