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There is a great need to relate the rate and quality of production of scientists to the broader goals of human resources development, social, economic and technological modernization of a nation. Therefore, the training of scientists should involve the broad strategy aimed at encompassing educational but also cultural, social and political development as well as effectively contributing to nation building The training in Geology should involve the broad strategy of human resources development with its broader goals of social and political modernization, while the provision of the milieu for the development of the discipline in terms of funds, infrastructures, facilities, contented competent staff and employment outlets, aimed at encompassing not only educational but also cultural, social and political development, thereby contributing to the building of national identity and integrity. The training in Geology needs to be thorough and of relevance which will ensure our graduates employment opportunities or an environment whereby they could be creative, innovative and self-employed. The consideration leading to the concepts on which the Geology discipline is constructed is based on the need for the following:

  • Broad training in Geology
  • Freedom of choice, to forage in the wilderness of accumulated human knowledge for self-realization and actualization
  • Skill acquisition to ensure competence in the field of study
  • Inter-disciplinary approaches to the solution of complex life problems
  • Social relevance, to ensure social acceptability and service to society

To have the facilities, well trained staff (academic and technical) and up-to-date equipment so as to provide an enabling environment for teaching, learning and research to produce well-trained students.


  • To produce graduates with sound theoretical and practical knowledge of pure and applied aspects of Geology, who will be able to pursue careers in industry, research and health care system.
  • To produce graduates with a high level of intellectual liberation, adequate management skills, proper social orientation and sufficient knowledge of the subject areas so as to become creative, innovative and self-reliant.
  • To produce graduates who will be the bedrock of technological development of the national growth and maturity, with the attendant contribution to human welfare, health and progress.
  • To produce scientists who understand the socio-economic, political and cultural milieu in which their discipline and areas will be pursued, thereby facilitating their contribution to the building of national identity and integration.
  • To liaise with appropriate Faculties and Departments to train highly competent manpower for secondary and tertiary institutions.

Accreditation Status
The Department has full accreditation.

The programmes available include the following:

  1. B.Sc. (Hons) Geology
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in:
    • Water Resources Development and Management
    • Mining and Mineral Economics
    • Field and Structural Geology
  3. M.Sc. Applied Geology with specialization in:
    • Structural Geology
    • Economic Geology/Mineral Exploration
    • Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology
    • Geophysics
  4. M.Sc. Hydrogeology
  5. Ph. D. Applied Geology with specialization in:
    • Hydrogeology
    • Economic Geology/Mineral Exploration
    • Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology
    • Geophysics

Physical Development
Physical structures include: staff offices (18), auditorium (01), lecture rooms (4), library (1), geochemistry laboratory 1 (01), geochemistry laboratory 2 (01), sedimentology/paleontology laboratory (01), petrology laboratory (01), geophysics laboratory (01), cartography laboratory (01) and geology main store (01).

Staff Staff Details Interest/Specialization

This has been increasing steadily over the years since 2003/2004 to 2016/2017.