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About Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics inherited the facilities of the Department of Mathematics from the former North-East College of Arts and Science (NECAS) when the University of Maiduguri took over the college as a base in 1975. Since then the growth of the department has been steady.

Although as a single administrative unit, it comprises of three distinct disciplines, namely, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. The strength of the academic staff of the Department has also grown considerably in the past few years and at present there are 19 on seat and 5 visiting lecturers and one sabbatical staff. The members of academic staff have specializations in different branches of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department offer courses in Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at various levels and caters for the need of other departments and faculties offering several service courses. The department currently runs B.Sc.(Hons) degrees in Pure Mathematics and Statistics. Taking into consideration, the growing demand in the fields of Computer Science and its importance. The Department offers well integrated numbers of courses in this discipline at the undergraduate level with the degree programme mentioned above. The Department also offers a postgraduate programme for the award of both M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in mathematics. It also offers a Postgraduate for the award of M.Sc. degree in Statistics. Special courses also are included in the programme prepared to take care of the non-majors respectively.

The philosophy underlying this programme is to produce graduates with the talents to tackle the computational problems of Nigerian society, and the world community at large, through the acquisition of the solid foundation. Knowledge of Mathematical Sciences, confidence and zeal, capacity for analytical problem solving as well as potential for research in the modern scientific age.

To compete internationally by striving hard to attain the world class standard in mathematics and statistics so that the theories leant can be put into applications of real life problems.

To produce mathematicians and statisticians of very high calibre in research and training.

Objectives of the programme

  1. To develop in the students the enabling capacity to develop Mathematical Sciences and models to provide solution to various scientific and socio-economic problems
  2. To produce mathematics, statistics and computer science graduates who will compete favourably with their contemporaries in the labour market in Nigeria and the world over.
  3. To widen the knowledge base and enhance the capacity of students to address the general mathematical problems of pure and applied sciences.
  4. To prepare students intellectually to pursue postgraduate research studies in all areas of the mathematical sciences.

Accreditation Status
Full accreditation has been obtained for the two programmes.

The department offers B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D (Mathematics) and B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc (Statistics) programmes.

Physical Development
The Department now has library (01); computer room (01) and research room (01)

Postgraduate Programmes
The department offers Master of Science in Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Ph.D in Pure Mathematics

Staff Staff Details Interest/Specialization
Prof F. I. Abdulrahman Dean
B.Sc. (Maiduguri), M.Sc. (Maiduguri) Ph.D. (Maiduguri)
Dr. H. R. Bakari HOD
B.Sc. (Maiduguri), M.Sc. (Zaria) Ph.D. (Sokoto)
Applied Statistics/ Pattern Recognition, Spatial Statistics and Econometrics
Prof. M.Y. Balla
B.Sc.(Moscow),M.Sc (Moscow); Ph. D (Moscow)
Functional Analysis
Prof. B.A. Madu
B.Sc.(Zaria), M.Sc., (Zaria); Ph. D (Zaria)
Semigroup Theory
Prof. Z. U. Siddiqui
B.Sc.(Meerut), M.Sc., (AMU); M Phil. (AMU), Ph. D (AMU)
Summability Theory/ Functional Analysis
Dr. U. A. Marte
B.Sc.(Canada), M.Sc., (Ibadan); Ph. D (Akure)
Non Linear Dynamics/ Mathematical Physics
Dr. N. P. Dibal
B.Sc.(Zaria), M.Sc., (Lagos); Ph. D (Lagos)
Sampling Techniques / Multivariate Analysis
Dr. A. M. Brono
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Ibadan); Ph. D (Maiduguri)
Functional Analysis/Statistical Convergence of double sequences
Dr. Y. A. Mohammed
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Ibadan); Ph. D (Malaysia)
Applied Statistics/ Survival Analysis
Mr. J. H. Yakubu
B.Sc.(Yola), M.Sc., (Nssuka)
Mathematical Modelling
Mal. A. V. Mandara
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Maiduguri)
Optimization/ Computational Mathematics
Dr. S. G. Ngulde
B.Sc. (Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Maiduguri); Ph. D (Jos)
Group Theory /Cartesian Decomposition of Transitive Permutation Group
Dr. Ahmadu Kiltho
B.Sc. (Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Maiduguri); Ph. D (Maiduguri)
Functional Analysis/ Matrix Transformation of Sequence spaces
Dr. Samaila Markus
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Bauchi); Ph. D (Bauchi)
Numerical Analysis
Malama Amina Hamza
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Bauchi)
Numerical Analysis
Mal. H. A. Chamalwa
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Maiduguri)
Applied Statistics/ Time Series
Mal. M. Mustapha
B.Sc.(Maiduguri), M.Sc., (Maiduguri)
Design and Analysis of Experiment/ Bayesian Inference
Mr. I. E. Gongsin
B.Sc.(Yola), PGDS (Ibadan) M.Sc., (Maiduguri)
Operation Research/ Probability Theory and Distribution
Mr. C. W. Alber
Mal. M. M. Karagama
Malama F. B. Ladan
Mr. S. Y. Jackson

This has been increasing steadily over the years since 2003/2004 to 2016/2017.

Researches in Statistics

  • A Logistic Regression Model of Students’ Academic Performance in Mathematics in the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.
  • A Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Cointegration and Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) Approach for Financial Deepening Indicators and Economic Growth in Nigeria.
  • Modelling the Nigerian Stock Market (Shares) Evidence from Time Series Analysis.
  • Estimating the parameters in the Weibull Wind Model and its Application to Wind Data for Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.
  • An Application of Time Series Analysis in Modeling Monthly Rainfall Data for Maiduguri North Eastern Nigeria.
  • Application of Multivariate Analysis in Modelling Students Placement in Nigerian Tertiary Institution (A case study of KICOE Maiduguri).
  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Classification of HIV/AIDS Patients: Using Cluster Analysis.
  • Generalised Poisson Regresssion Model with Application in Hospital Discharge Counts at State Specialist Hospital Maiduguri.
  • Numerical Approximation to Intractable Likelihood Function.
  • Modelling the Exchange Rate Volatility using Generalised Autoregressive Condition Heteroskedascity (GARCH) Ties Model Evidence for Nigeria.
  • A Quality Control Analysis for Improvement of Product using Cumulative Sum and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts. A Case Study of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant in Maiduguri. (Borno State).
  • Multivariate Causality Testing Approach for Government Expenditure and Economic Growth (GDP) in Nigeria between the Period of 1961-2012.
  • Survival Analysis on HIV/AIDS Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Treatments in University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.
  • Statistical Evaluation and Identification of Improved Pearl Millet Varieties Using Mixed Factorial Design.

Researches in Pure Mathematics

  • Survey on Some Algebraic Properties of Finite Full Transformation Semigroup.
  • Statistical Convergence (“A type of Convergence”) and Convergence in Statistics.
  • Some New Sequence Spaces and Their Matrix Transformation
  • Calculus of Residues and its Application in some related Fields
  • Fixed Point Techniques for Solutions an Approximation of FeedBack Control Sigmals.
  • On Absolute Summability Factors of Infinite Series for Absolute NorlundRiesz and Matrix Methods Using Quasi Power Increasing Sequences.
  • Statistical Convergence of Sequences and Some Core Theorems.
  • Finitely Generated Free Abelian Groups and their Applications.
  • Direct Analytic Continuation of Analytic Functions and Their Power Series Presentation with Application to Physical Sciences.
  • Some Fundamental Concepts in Normed Linear Spaces and their Applications.
  • Some Recent Sequence Spaces and Their Matrix Transformations.
  • On generalization of Difference Sequence Spaces Using Modulus Function and Their Inclusion Relation.
  • Proportion Fixed-Point-Free Element of Transitive Permutation Group.
  • Group representation and character table of finite groups.