Mechanical Engineering

About Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Maiduguri is serving as the heart of the faculty by offering the fundamental courses of engineering to its students and students of other departments. The department was established to meet the challenges posed by the inadequate manpower in the technical sector of the economy, particularly those related to mechanical.
The minimum duration in Mechanical Engineering programme is five (5) years. Candidates with relevant passes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at A-level or equivalent will spend a minimum of four years provided that they satisfy all other University requirements.

The philosophy of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to train engineers from the basic knowledge of the applied science to highly skillful and competent manpower, who can pilot the technological advancement of the nation. At local level, the department works toward imparting knowledge that will prepare its graduates to be sensitive to solving society’s problems. They are to be systematically trained to compete favourably with their counterparts at both local and international levels.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  1. To train graduates locally by providing training facilities and operating programme that are professional in scope, highly practicable and relevant to the need of the society.
  2. To train graduates who are sufficiently broad-based to understand and tackle common day to day engineering problems and at the same time capable of acquiring special skills and in-depth knowledge in mechanical engineering
  3. To produce graduates with high academic standard coupled with adequate practical experience, to rise to the challenges of a developing economy.
  4. To produce graduates with sufficient knowledge in general studies, management and humanities.


The Department encourages academic, technical and non-academic staff to further their education by approving their study fellowship applications. Four (4) academic staff has just returned from their Doctorate (Ph.D) both locally and abroad, while another four (4) are yet to complete their Ph.D programmes. Four (4) other staff newly recruited are presently pursuing their Master’s degree (M. Eng.). Other technical staff were converted to Academic staff. Staff development has really received a boom, especially after starting our postgraduate program.

Staff Staff Details
Engr. Dr. Garba Mohammed Ngala
Head of Department
Engr. Prof. Mohammed Dauda
Engr. Prof. A. T. Abdulrahim
Engr. Prof. Danjuma Yawas
Engr. Dr. M. B. Oumarou
Engr. Dr. Aji Isuwa Sulaiman
Engr. Dr. Fasiu Oluwole
Engr. Dr. El-Jummah A. Mohammed
Engr. Dr. Shodiya Sulaimon
Engr. Dr. Zaka Audu Mshelia
Engr. Dr. Victor Medugu Dagala
Engr. Malah Abba Aji
Engr. Mohammed Kajama
Engr. Abba Bashir
Engr. Kachalla Adam
Engr. Shehu Abdulrahman
Misali Modu Joel


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