Department of Medical Laboratory Science MLS

About Medical Laboratory Science

Historical Background
Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a dynamic profession that provides fundamental scientific knowledge. The application of this knowledge equips graduates with the necessary weapons to meet with the challenges commonly experienced in modern health care delivery system. The profession entails the study of human and animal tissue, body fluid excretions and production of biologicals (e.g. hyper immune serum) for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment and research. MLS is a multisectorial discipline that could be applied in medicine, food and drugs industries, pharmaceutical industries, utility department (e.g. water corporations) and research institutes. The summary of the market value of the profession is that, a medical laboratory scientist is not only employable but can also create job opportunities.

It provides an in-depth scientific and professional background for the training of medical laboratory scientists who would be capable of working anywhere in Nigeria and elsewhere including health institutions. It provides graduates of these profession sufficient management skills to play a leadership role in the training of others. As a dynamic profession, with continuous emergence of new procedures and instruments, the programme provides adequate orientation for operational research. Therefore, the graduates of this profession would be trained to keep pace with the changing trends in Science and Technology.

  • To produce medical laboratory scientist who will perform effectively in hospital diagnostics service, preventive and public health service, research, academics and quality assurance in industries/organizations and military industrial complex.
  • To graduate professionals who will function in collaboration with other members of the health team in the care of individuals and groups in the community.
  • To produce biological and diagnostics reagents as well as maintain equipment to some extent.

Accreditation Status
The Department has full accreditation from both National Universities Commission (NUC) and Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN).

Physical Development
The Department has adequate office space for staff.

Staff strength (academic and non-academic) has been increasing for all the cadres since the inception of the Department. Many members of staff are also on study fellowship.

This has been increasing steadily over the years.