Department of Nursing Science Nursing Science

About Nursing Science

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing Science, University of Maiduguri takes cognizance of the philosophy of education, health care and nursing in Nigeria.
The BNSc (Hons) Programme is based on the following that:

  • Man is a bio-psycho-social being with his needs focused on all nursing activities.
  • It is useful to conceptualize the individual and the environment as open system engaged in continuous dynamic interaction in which each is susceptible to change by the other.
  • The human environment is therefore a major factor in man’s health status.
  • Health exists on a continuum ranging from wellness to illness/death and the position of man on the continuum at any given time is a function of adaptation.
  • Health is a level of wellness which is positive, dynamic and reflective of adaption in response to both internal and external stressors.
  • Nursing is a helping relationship in which the nursing process is a major tool of nursing care.

Vision and Mission

  1. To aim for excellence and international standard in teaching, research and service by:
    • developing and maintaining high standards of teaching and learning in accordance with the academic code of practice of University of Maiduguri,
    • undertaking staff development programmes,
    • promoting research for the improvement of health care practice and
    • promoting good nursing practice in clinical settings;
  2. To encourage students take responsibility for their own learning by:
    • adopting a problem-solving approach to learning,
    • creating an environment conducive to individual learning styles and
    • appreciating the value and worth of individuals;
  3. To collaborate with the following:
    • faculties, units and agencies within the University,
    • nursing and midwifery organizations in and outside Nigeria and
    • statutory bodies and other stakeholders of health professional educations.
  4. To contribute to the development of local communities and the State by:
    • encouraging local community development initiatives in health and related matters,
    • partnering with health and other development agencies in the state,
    • assisting local community and the State in other development programmes,
    • securing and judiciously managing the resources necessary for these purposes and
    • promoting individual and collective responsibilities and accountability.

Accreditation Status
The Department has full accreditation from National Universities Commission (NUC) and interim from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN).

Physical development
The Department started in 2003/2004 with just three (03) offices including Head of Department’s office and no Demonstration room for practical demonstration for students. Between 2003-2009, the Department had to borrow three (03) lecture halls from Faculty of Science. In 2010, three (03) additional offices and one (01) Demonstration room were allocated to the Department. The Demonstration room was demarcated using cardboards into two (General and Midwifery Demonstration rooms).

In September, 2014, the Department was allocated its present permanent site which has fourteen (14) offices, two (02) Demonstrations room and eight (08) toilets (including one (01) for students), two (02) lectures halls. The Department also shares the following with the Department of Radiography: one (01) library, one (01) ICT room and one (01) conference room. In addition, the Department has one (01) 18-seater bus for students clinical/community postings.

The Department is well staffed (academic and non-academic) with all the different cadres being employed.

This has been increasing steadily with time.