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Current Head of Department

Qualification and Interest/Specialization
Chigozie Ivor Nwobi B.Sc (1998); MHPM (2002); MPA (2004), PG-CT(2005); M.Sc (2012); PhD (2018 ) MISRRT, MSOR,
Member of Council of the Professional body ARN, Board Member, Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN)

The original concept of establishing the department in the College of Medical Sciences was conceived by Prof. A. Tahir, the first Radiologist from the whole of Northern Nigeria. With the support of Mr. Ivor ChigozieNwobi, then a Radiographer at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) the Curriculum was developed in 1999. The programme curriculum was later revised in 2002 with a team of experts drawn from the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN) and Department of Medical Radiography and Radiological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) (Mr. I.C Nwobi and Prof. K. K. Agwu), Association of Radiologist of West Africa (ARAWA) (Prof. A.Tahir and Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo) and College of Medical Sciences, (Prof. Pindiga, deputy Provost as at then) and other relevant bodies.

The curriculum was presented by Prof. A. Tahir to the Senate of the University of Maiduguri which was ultimately approved in 2003 along side other 4 new programmes (Nursing sciences, Physiotherapy, Dental Surgery, Medical Laboratory Sciences) in the College of Medical Sciences. Tremendous support and contributions were received from Prof. K. K. Agwu, then Head of Department of Medical Radiography and Radiological sciences UNN and Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo, then Head of Radiology Department, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) towards the take off of the programme in 2003/2004 session. The pioneer students were admitted with numeric strength of 24.

Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo, the foundational Head of Department co-ordinated the programme and played a key role in the take off of the programme; recruitment of academic staff and acquisition of facilities such as offices and laboratory.

Mr.Nwobi, I. C. became the Acting Head of Department in 2006 and later became the substantive Head of Department. He gradually expanded the academic staff from 3 to over 10, 6 non-academic staff and acquisition of more class rooms and offices, creation of 3 departmental laboratories, departmental library, and several standing committees. He saw to the establishment of University of Maiduguri Association of Radiography Students (UMARADS) in 2006, with Mr James Adefilaand AuwalAbubakaras the pioneer president and Secretary respectively.

In May, 2011 Mr.Nwokorie E.C. was appointed the Ag. Head of Department. He facilitated the recruitment of more academic staff and technologists. He also expanded the facilities in the department.

The Department of Radiography University of Maiduguri is the first of its kind to be established in any University in the entire Northern Nigeria, serving over eighty (80) million people. Historically, the programme is the 3rd to be established in the whole nation. The department has also been attracting students from neighbouring countries like Chad, Niger, Ghana and Cameroon, as well as other countries like Yemen etc. It has so far graduated seven sets of students, and many of our graduates have won various awards for dedication and discipline in the practice in their places of primary assignment, as well as academic excellence awards for outstanding performance in their postgraduate studies both in Nigeria, and in the UK. Recently, two of our graduates out classed foreign nationals and home students in the M.Sc. Medical Imaging Programme at The University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Both of them finished with Distinction with one winning The Best Master’s Thesis Award of the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine, University of Leeds.

Further tremendous expansion has hit the department of recent, both in terms of facilities and staffing. This is made possible through the efforts of the present Head of Department, Mr Nwobi, I.C., Provost, Prof Ahmed Ahidjo, the Chief Medical Director of UMTH, Prof. A Tahir, and the Vice Chancellor, Prof Ibrahim Njodi. The department now has many Academic and Non-academic staff with some visiting lecturers from sister universities mainly; University of Nigeria, Nsukka, NnamdiAzikwe University and University of Lagos.

The programme has been visited by accrediting bodies. Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN; 2006), and (NUC; 2007, 2011 and 2017). Their reports are positive but with recommendation to improve on certain areas which would have met over 75%. There is continuous will and commitment to improve on all spheres of the programme; including staffing and physical facilities.

The global trend for Radiography practice is University-based training due to great advances in the sophistication in and diversity of Medical imaging equipment as well as the scientific knowledge, its application and expertise required for the practice of Radiography. The training in Radiography will prepare graduates to become confident members of healthcare teams and competent supervisors of laboratories and other clinical settings.

The programme is designed to produce the following:

  • Radiographers with relevant practical and technological competence in the practice of radiography at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health-care delivery
  • Radiographers who can assume professional positions involving the use of the most complex radio-diagnostic equipment and procedures
  • Professionals with a high level of proficiency in conventional radiography and with a good working knowledge of other imaging modalities including Therapeutic Radiography
  • Professionals who will be eligible for postgraduate studies, research and development

To address the acute shortage of work force (medical radiographers), especially in this part of the country. There are only forty qualified radiographers now practicing in the entire North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, with a population of estimated over 25 million. Eighteen (18) of this, are in the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital and four (04) each in the Federal Medical Centres at Gombe, Yola, Nguru and Jalingo.

Accreditation Status
The Department has obtained full accreditation with both the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN)

Physical Development
The Department has adequate office space for staff.

Professor (1), Senior Lecturer (3), Lecturer I (6), Lecturer II (3), Assistant Lecturer (6)

Staff Staff Details Interest/Specialization
Chigozie Ivor Nwobi

B.Sc (UNEC); PG-CT (UCH-RRBN) MSc. (UNEC); MHPM (Maiduguri); PGDE (KICE); Ph.D (NAU)
Medical Imaging (Ultrasound, Interventional angiography Quality management)
Prof. K. K. Agwu
DCR (LOND), PDIPL. Physics (B.Sc. Equivalent) M.Sc. PhD.
Medical Physics
Dr. K Ochie
Medical Imaging (Ultrasonography)
Cletus Uche Eze
BSc., MSc., Ph.D
Medical Imaging (Ultrasonography)
Dr. Charles Eze
BSc., MSc., PhD
Medical Imaging (Ultrasonography)
Auwal Abubakar
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (Bradford, UK)
Oncology and Radiotherapy (Image guided Radiotherapy)
Mustapha M. Njitti
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (Bradford, UK)
Imaging in Medicine (Computed Tomography)
Nkubili Bubuin Flavious
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (UAU)
Radiation Protection in Paediatrics
Alhamdu Silas Moi
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (NUA)
Radiation Protection in Paediatrics
Geofery Luntsi
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (UNEC)
Medical Imaging (Ultrasonography)
Mathew Garba Abubakar
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (NUA)
Radiation Protection (Environmental)
Abasiama D. Obotiba
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (Leeds, UK)
Medical Imaging (Magnetic Resonance imaging)
Muhammed B. Kurama
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (Penang, Malaysia)
Medical Physics (Computed Tomogra)
Fati Adamu Malgwi
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja); MSc. (NAU)
Medical Imaging (Ultrasonography)
Jamila Muhammed Hassan
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja)
Medical Imaging (Mammography)
Nuruddeen Mohammed Gunda
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja)
Medical Imaging (Imaging in Oncology)
Abubakar Shettima B.
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja)
Medical Imaging (Computed Tomography)
Mohammed Goni Musa
B.Rad (Maiduguri); PG-CT (Abuja)
Medical Imaging (Computed Tomography)

Students Population

Part 1 (141), Part 2 (160), Part 3 (128), Part 4 (79), Part 5 (89); TOTAL 597