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Established in October 1977, the Faculty of Agriculture seeks to produce graduate agriculturists not only for the advancement of scientific agriculture, but also for the much needed acceleration of agricultural production in Nigeria. As Maiduguri lies in the Sudan-Sahel Savannah environment, the Faculty has since its inception been keenly aware of the challenges which aridity poses in the national quest for self-sufficiency in food production. Its course offerings and research activities therefore reflect the local ecology. The Faculty currently runs B. Agriculture, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D and postgraduate diploma programmes: All Bachelor degree programmes in the Faculty are of a five-year duration.

The Dean

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The cardinal aim and objectives of the Faculty are as follows:

  • To produce graduates who not only knew how to practice but also physically practice agriculture: who appreciate Nigerian agricultural production and produce handling problems and who have actually been faced with the realities of finding solutions to such problems:
  • To undertake research in agricultural problems of the nation through undergraduate project, graduate and other researches in the first instance, and through Post graduate Programmes.
  • To produce effective graduate in agriculture by providing training facilities and operating an agricultural training programme.
  • To produce effective graduates who are sufficiently broad based to handle common day-to-day agricultural problems of Nigerian communities
  • To produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into practice by establishing and operating their own farms, hotels, foods and related enterprises.
  • To conduct research into various aspects of agriculture, forestry/wildlife, fisheries, livestock and industries.


The Faculty of Agriculture is established for training and producing for the nation well-trained graduates in the various fields of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock and food science.

Current Dean and Heads of Departments

Staff Strength

The Faculty started with four academic and six non-academic staff. Today, there are 135 academic and about 100 non-academic staff. Nine out of the 135 academic staff are Professors and some are currently on assessment for the professorial cadre positions. The distribution according to departments is as given in the Table below: Out of this number, 31 are on fellowship in various fields of engineering around the world.

Students Population

Department Number of Student
General Agricultural 1,463
Agricultural Economics 69
Agricultural Extension services 32
Animal Science 77
Crop Production 54
Crop Protection 36
Fisheries 216
Forestry and Wildlife 199
Soil Science 19

Postgraduate Progammes

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  • Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Department of Agricultural Extension services.
  • Department of Animal Science
  • Department of Crop Production
  • Department of Crop Protection
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Department of Forestry and Wildlife
  • Department of Soil Science

Grants, Scholarships and Affiliations

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Research and Innovation

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