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Forming a composite Faculty with Arts at the University's inception, Education has since the 1978/79 academic session functioned as an independent Faculty. With its four Departments, namely, Continuing Education and Extension Services, Education, Library Science, and Physical and Health Education, the Faculty clearly has a broad remit.

This mandate includes:

  • Meeting the national teacher-education manpower needs, particularly at the secondary school level.
  • Training information and knowledge managers to meet needs in document storage, retrieval and use.
  • producing sportsmen and women, sports administrators and educators.

Until recently the Faculty was the only university centre in North-Eastern Nigeria with the above remit. Its graduates are to be found in leadership positions everywhere in the nation. One impact of this asset is the strengthening of the practical and internship components of student training. This, coupled with the Faculty's involvement in external consulting and with a number of teacher-education bodies, ensures that students combine theory with the best of real world challenges.

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Aims and Objectives

The primary aims and objectives of the programmes in the Faculty of Education are

  • To educate and impart skills to teachers and personnel for manning libraries and information and documentation centers;
  • To prepare staff for special and adult centers and develop sports educators, and sportsmen and women for the country;
  • The Faculty aims to train middle-level and high-level manpower for both formal and non-formal education programmes.
  • To encourage further the spirit of enquiry and creativity in teachers:
  • To enhance teacher’s commitment to the teaching profession;
  • To produce highly motivated, conscientious and efficient classroom teachers for all levels of the education system;
  • To help teachers to fit into the social life of the community and society at large and enhance their commitment to local and national objectives;
  • To produce teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment to make them adaptable to any changing situation not only in the life of their locality and country, but in the wider world.


The academic programmes of the Faculty of Education are designed to equip its beneficiaries with intellectual and practical skills in subject matters and pedagogy, and be able to apply current research findings for the benefit of learners in school

Current Dean and Heads of Departments

Staff Strength

Students Population

Department Number of Student
Continuing Education and Extension Services 863
Education 2,840
Library and Information Science 458
Physical and Health Education 1,929

Postgraduate Progammes


  • Continuing Education and Extension Services
  • Education
  • Library and Information Science
  • Physical and Health Education

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