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Arid Zone Journal of Engineering, Technology and Environment (AZOJETE), published annually, is an interdisciplinary Journal covering all aspects of engineering, technology and environment with particular reference to the arid regions of the world.

  • Quality assessment of solar energy dried tomato flake
    Isiaka, M
  • Design of a 4-Bit magnitude comparator using SIMULINK
    Dibal, P. Y
  • Design and implementation of MOD-6 synchronous counter using VHDL
    Dibal, P. Y
  • Determination of repair and maintenance cost for MF375 tractor: a case study in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria
    Abubakar, M. S.; M. D. Zakari; S. K. Shittu and M. L. Attanda
  • Economics of small wind pump system based on estimated petrol and diesel cost savings from use in Northern Nigeria
    Ejieji, C. J. and M. Olayaki-Luqman
  • Design and implementation of embedded hardware accelerator for diagnosing HDLCODE in assertion-based verification environment
    Ngene, C. U
  • Performance evaluation of polycrystalline solar photovoltaic module in weather conditions of Maiduguri, Nigeria
    Mustapha, I.; M. K. Dikwa; B. U. Musa and M. Abbagana
  • The chip: An electronic brain
    Olawore, J.
  • Development of an electrically operated cassava slicing machine
    Aji, I. S.; E. James.; A. Ejovwoke and D. A. Mshelia

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