History Of Faculty of Law

The Faculty started as a Department in the then Faculty of Social Sciences and Law. Formal teaching in the Department of Law started in 1976. In August 1978, the University Senate upgraded the Department into a full-fledged Faculty with a single Department, Common Law. At the beginning of the 1980/1981 Session, the Department of Sharia was created, thereby bringing the number of Departments to two. In the 1997/1998 Session, the University reviewed the LL. B and LL. B Sharia programmes in compliance with the NUC prescribed Minimum Academic Standards for Law. In the same year the Department of Common Law was split into the Departments of Private and Public Law for administrative convenience and greater efficiency. Currently, there are three Departments in the Faculty with 45 academic staff spread across the three Departments with 11 Professors and a good number of Readers and Senior lecturers.

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Professor Bagoni A. Bukar