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Library Facilities:

Ramat Library is the main library of the University, presently in its permanent site at the University's Core Centre located between the Faculties of Engineering and Science. Ramat Library is a system, comprising a number of branches within and outside the UNIMAID. These includes, currently, the Aminu Kano Law Library, the Harold Scarborough Medical Library and the Agro Vt LIbrary. There are libraries also attached to the Centre of Research and Documentation in Trans Saharan Studies, the Centre for Arid Zone Studies, J.D Amin Library located in Faculty of Education, and Pharmacy Library located in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science (Acada Area) along the e-libraries attached to Ramat Library.
The use of the library is normally permitted to bona fide students of the University who have registered with the library. The only formality required is the completion of a Reader’s Registration Form duly endorsed by the Head of Department and the submission of a passport size photograph. On registration, each undergraduate student is issued with three tickets and allowed to borrow up to three books at a time for a period of two weeks. There is overdue charge for each library material kept after due date of return. The students are advised to strictly adhere to all rules and regulations of the library.
with effect from 2005/2006 academic session the University had subscribed to the electronic digital library (Virual Library). The website is while the username is UNIMAID and password is MAIDUGURI. for more information, students are advised to visit the Ramat Library of the University of Maiduguri Internet Centre (e-library section).

The Objectives of the Library
  • Guided by these objectives, the library acquires materials at five levels, Remedial, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and other researchers such as in General Studies, Light and Specialized information. These materials include books, journals and other periodicals, and electronically stored in formation.

    i) To provide matereials in support of the learning process. That is, materials for students course work, assigned reading as weell as background readings for essays, term papers and projects.

    ii) To provide materials to meeet the requirements of Faculty specialists, Postgraduates student and other researchers.

    iii) To provide materials to assist the library user in his/her peresonal self-development.

    iv) To cooperate with othere University Libraries with a view to developing a network of academic library resource which are at thee disposal of all students and teaching facilities and

    v) To meet thee specialized information needs of the community within which the University is situated.

    Administration of the Library:

    The University Librarian, who heads a team of qualified professional staff, administer the Library. There are seven operational divisions in the Ramat Library, They are:

    i) The Collection Development, which is charged with the responsibility of developing the total book collection of the library and its branches.






    Collection Development:




    Loan Period:

    Overe due Charge:

    Other Services :