The masters degree programme in physiotherapy is designed to provide a unique opportunity for advanced studies in the field of physiotherapy with emphasis on research, clinical and academic specialisations. Purposively, the programme will afford candidates research-oriented knowledge, expertise and competence in a specific speciality of physiotherapy while giving ample opportunity to develop advanced skills that will enable them to provide expert physiotherapy services to patients and clients at all levels in line with international standards.

Programme Objectives

    The objectives of the MSc. degree programme in physiotherapy at the University of Maiduguri are to:

  • Train physiotherapists with advanced skills in specialty areas including cardiopulmonary, orthopaedics, neurology, and geriatrics.

  • Prepare physiotherapists for leadership roles in the physiotherapy profession, and enable them integrate evidence-based practice into their day-to-day professional activities.

  • Meet the manpower need of this University and beyond, and build capacity in physiotherapy research and practice.

  • Provide training that will enable prospective students, upon completion of their Masters degree programme in physiotherapy, pursue higher degree programmes leading to the award of PhD degree in physiotherapy.

Areas of Specialization

The MSc. degree in Physiotherapy will be awarded in the following areas of specialization:

S/No. Degree Specialization
1. M.Sc. Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
2. M.Sc. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
3. M.Sc. Neurological Physiotherapy
4. M.Sc. Geriatric Physiotherapy

In each of the above specialities, students will develop advanced physiotherapy skills and expertise in examination, diagnosis, intervention, prognostication and evaluation required for effective management of relevant systems and movement dysfunctions. Students will also develop competence in clinical research skills and in consulting roles in health care and rehabilitation. Specifically, students will gain expertise in physiotherapy theory and practice that will be used to solve problems affecting cardiovascular and pulmonary, musculoskeletal, integumentary and neurological systems. The programme will provide exposure in the use of the latest outcome assessment tools and instrumentations in the areas of specialisations of the students.

Course Content

The following courses will be offered in the MSc. in Physiotherapy programme.

S/No. Course Code Course Title Units
1. MRH 800 Seminars in Physiotherapy 3
2. MRH 801 Advanced Biomechanics and Kinesiology 2
3. MRH 802 Physiology of Exercise 2
4. MRH 803 Neurophysiology 2
5. MRH 804 Cardiopulmonary Physiology 2
6. MRH 805 Advanced Neuroanatomy 2
7. MRH 806 Gross and Applied Anatomy 2
8. MRH 807 Biostatistics for Health Sciences 2
9. MRH 808 Medical Sociology 2
10. MRH 809 Tests and Measures in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2
11. MRH 810 Special Practicum in Health Sciences I 3
12. MRH 811 Research Methods in Physiotherapy 3
13. MRH 812 Orthopaedic Physiotherapy 3
14. MRH 813 Manual Therapy 3
15. MRH 814 Geriatric Physiotherapy 3
16. MRH 815 Cardio-respiratory Disorders and Rehabilitation 3
17. MRH 816 Intensive Care Physiotherapy 3
18. MRH 817 Adult Neurological Disorders and Rehabilitation 3
19. MRH 818 Paediatric Neurological Disorders and Rehabilitation 3
20. MRH 819 Special Practicum in Health Science II 3
21. MRH 820 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2
22. MRH 821 Health Care Systems and Administration 2
23. MRH 899 Dissertation 10

Duration of Programme

  1. Full Time Programme: MSc. Physiotherapy degree is expected to be earned in a minimum of three semesters for full time students. Candidacy for the MSc. Physiotherapy degree programme for full time students will lapse if the degree is not earned by the sixth semester of enrolment into the program.

  2. Part Time Programme: Study shall last for a minimum of five (5) semesters and a maximum of eight (8) semesters